Mental Health: Can You Choose to be Happy

If you’ve been here for awhile then you know that I’ve spoken a bit about my struggle with depression and anxiety. They are topics that I think people shy away from far too often because there is an unfair stigma around mental health. I am standing up to that stigma and from time to time will share with you my struggles with mental health and advice on how I overcome and combat my issues. So let’s start with today’s topic.

Can You Choose to be Happy?

People say that it’s not what happens in a situation that affects your mood but how you choose to react to the situation. My question for you is, can it really be that simple? Can I really just banish away all my aches and pains? No. But I can choose how I will react in those hard times. I can choose to give myself a break and to be the catalyst in helping to dig myself out of the dark corners of my depression.

I’ve compiled a list of ways that you can choose to be happier and have a better day:

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Adventuring New Caledonia: Discover Paradise in the South Pacific

The mixture of crystal blue, turquoise and green hues of New Caledonia’s magical lagoon is a sight for sore eyes. With an enticing mixture of French and Melanesian, New Caledonia offers warm hospitality brought by European elegance, as well as wonderful beaches, resorts and an exquisite gourmet cuisine that will completely delight all your senses.

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Turning The Page, Volume 2

Turning the Page is a monthly article where I share with you books that I have been reading the past few weeks. Each article will feature the Goodreads excerpt along with my take on the book and my personal rating. But you don’t have to worry I will never write any spoilers in case you

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Playlist 03. || August Playlist

I know it’s already well past a week in August but you just have to be patient with me. I’ve rounded up a few songs that give me all the feels. Songs that make me smile and brighten my spirits and even songs that make me want to cry. But all the best playlist are

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Monday Musings, Volume 10

Hello, all! Hope you’re Monday is off to a good start! I already have the other three articles this week written and the social media strategies figured out so I pretty much feel like I’m winning at life. That is until I look at my inbox and then I get overwhelmed. I don’t think I’ll

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10 Breathtaking Airbnb Treehouses Around the World

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been in love with treehouses. They are outdoorsy (but somewhat indoorsy too), they typically have nifty little entrances and fun little features, and they give you a great little view from above. I mean, what’s not to love? So, just for fun, I gathered ten fun and quirky

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A Quick and Easy Fresh Summer Salad

While I love cooking and am honestly better at more intricate meals I can also appreciate a simple go to recipe for those long days. Salads are always more refreshing and delicious in the summer. Don’t you agree? They’re also extremely easy to make and healthy for you so I think it’s important to have a few go

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