Food Around The World

Food Around The World

With so much delicious foods out there, I thought it would be great to round up some amazing bloggers to share amazing meals they’ve had while traveling.  I created this series to feature amazing recipes, meals, and restaurants from around the world. This article will occur once a month and feature outstanding bloggers and their experiences. So let’s see what this week’s writers have to offer…

00000000Dish: Pierogi
Restaurant: Zapiecek
Where: Old Town in Krakow, Poland
Oh good mercy pierogi! This is the staple food of Poland aka the Kingdom of Pierogi. We ate at Zapieciek and it’s conveniently located in the Old Town. You can sample different kinds of pierogi – different types of meat and vegetables. Depends on what type of dumpling you are craving – savory and sweet, they have it all. Yes, even strawberries and cream. The pieorgi we had was really really good. The dough is perfectly cooked, silky and sautéed with onions. Our Polish friend showed us this place. This restaurant has a feeling of a good old mom-and-pop restaurant with no frills but only good food. They are prepared by hand with old recipes. To top it all, this is a very cheap place to eat perfect for budget travellers. Good food and best bang for your buck, what’s more to ask?

Brock & Tangerine | A Travelogue

Dish:Bacon and feta pizza
Restaurant: Hive Bar
City and Country:Luang Prabang, Laos

This story represents a single episode of a Norman girl trying to find her way around the rest of the world. Born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma, as life passes by, I always find myself coming back to Oklahoma. Although I obtain an 8-5 job, working as an Assistant Director in the University of Oklahoma’s Career Services office, I still spend all of my time-off hours traveling across the globe. Here’s an insight to the way I found myself in Luang Prabang, Laos last summer. My older cousin, originally from Canada, he and his wife reside in St. George’s, Grenada. Since they both take holidays off the island, my cousin found an investment opportunity two years ago in a trendy restaurant in Luang Prabang, Laos, called Hive Bar. This was an exciting time for him as I followed along with the progress of his new management and was able to take a couple weeks of my vacation to encounter the hype.
Arriving to the restaurant, there was a good crowd represented from all over the world. The indoor/outdoor atmosphere was accommodating whether it was rain or shine, visitors would have a good time. The difference between Hive Bar and the other establishments in the area was the entertainment and the specialty food. Just about every night, students from a local college present a cultural, fashion, Ethnik Show that also displayed traditional Laos garments for both men and women. Following the fashion show were break dancers. Although this type of performance is similar within many countries, the guys in the group brought a fun experience for customers at Hive Bar.

For my favorite part of the restaurant was what came out of the kitchen! Hive Bar’s specialty is the bacon that is prepared and smoked on the premise. My favorite was the bacon and feta pizza with caramelized onions, green peppers and tomato sauce that is thrown into a brick oven, and cooked to perfection. Just before leaving home to visit, my cousin let me know that Hive Bar won a TripAdvisor 2014 Winner Certificate of Excellence and its acclaimed ETHNIK Fashion show was awarded a Certificate of Distinction by the Laos Department of Culture! I would highly recommend this restaurant to those who are herbivores or vegetarians. The menu has a variety of entrees to suite as many customers who travel along their journey of Southeast Asia.

Sabrina | Wander From Norman 

           Dish: Bun Bo Nam Bo
Restaurant: Bun Bo Nam Bo
City and Country: Hanoi, Vietnam

One of my favorite dishes I’ve had while traveling was Bun Bo Nam Bo in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was our first night in Hanoi and we were overwhelmed by the chaos of this city. We had decided to add Hanoi onto our itinerary for Southeast Asia as it seemed like the easiest place to get to Halong Bay from. When we arrived, all we wanted was a good meal, and to not get hit by a car when we tried to cross the street. Our hostel we were staying at recommended a restaurant called Bun Bo Nam Bo that was just down the street (67 Hang Dieu). When we arrived at the restaurant there was just one very long table set up in the narrow restaurant. The place was hopping with a mix of tourists and locals, and the cook was set up right in the front of the shop, where he was mass producing one bowl after another of bun bo nam bo. The waitress asked us if we wanted something in Vietnamese. We just nodded, having no idea what she asked us. Before we knew it, two bowls were plopped down in front of us of this life changing meal. This dish is made with fresh raw vegetables, fried onion, noodles, bean sprouts, beef that is marinated in sugar, fish sauce, pepper and other seasonings and is topped with roasted peanuts. Instead of using broth for this dish like pho, a special sauce is used that consists of fish sauce, sugar, lemon, chili and each restaurant has their own secret recipe which sets each bowl of this apart. The unique mix of vegetables, combined with the sauce and the crunch of the peanuts was perfect. In fact, it’s making my mouth water just typing this. The best part? The meal itself cost next to nothing. I’m pretty sure I paid a maximum of $3 US for the giant bowl and a drink. Although Hanoi was one of the most overwhelming cities I’ve visited, that through me completely out of my comfort zone, I would probably return to the city solely to have this dish again.

Lauren | Twirl The Globe

food germany copy

Dish: Shnitzel
Restaurant: Brauhaus Vetter
City and Country: Heidelberg, Germany

It was a sunny day, back in May 2013, and I had just finished taking a tour of the Heidelberg Castle and found myself not only in need for a beer but also some delicious food. The next thing you know I stumble upon Brauhaus Vetter; a great little German restaurant that also makes its own beer. When we walked in, the restaurant had a dark yet tranquil feel to it. Our group took up two tables that were adorned with melted candles and we were quickly greeted with a warm welcome. In true German tradition, I choose the schnitzel and believe me it did not disappoint.  It was crispy with a lemon zest to it and was instantly one of the best meals I had in Germany. And then there was the beer. I can’t truly describe how good it was more than saying I hope to find myself there again.


What is one of the best meals you’ve stumble upon while traveling?


Kenzie Negron // sincerelykenz

those pierogi look amazing! so jealous!

Bethany Floyd

I would love to just travel the world and try so many different things.


    Me too, I am so excited to get out there and try so many delicious foods.

Daisy @ Simplicity Relished

Yum!! I’m DYING to go to Vietnam.


    I know, right? I’m excited to see it myself, and take a plunge into all of the awesome food!

Katie Elizabeth

Oh. My. Gosh. All I can focus on is that pizza!! YUM!!


    It does look quite delicious! I’ve never heard of a pizza with bacon on it, but now I think I will definitely have to find it and try it!

Tanj from A Travelogue

Thanks for the feature. The pierogi is amazing!


    Of course! Thank you for being apart of the series! I can;t wait to feature you again.


    I love pierogis- they feed the Polish girl in me and remind me of my Grandma 🙂

Brittany Bergman

Oh man, I literally just finished lunch and now I’m hungry again! That bacon and feta pizza is calling my name. 😉


    Right? I’m not usually a fan of anything but cheese, but I’ll have to try that one day!

Elaine J Masters

Inspired idea to ask pro-travelers about their favorite meals. Eating is one of the best parts of traveling.


    I thought it would be nice to feature other people perspective on foods from around the world. not ever persons taste palette is the same and I certainly wouldn’t be able to give my readers insight on ever kind of dish out there.


Great idea! I had an amazing croquette in France, but one of my best meals was at NOLA in New Orleans. 🙂


Love this! I base much off my travel on food. And I’ve been to Bun Bo Nam No! So good 🙂

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