We’ve Moved; Not Where Anyone Expected

We've Moved; Not Where Anyone Expected

So If you’re a regular reader then you know that Edward and I are hoping to make a transition into an expat life, however, as some of you may not know, there is a lot more to moving to another country than just picking a place…but more on all of that later. For now, I’d like to let you all in on a change in our lives that I never saw coming.

We packed up all of our things and moved… to the North Georgia Mountains. Yes, I said it. This city girl has lost her way and is now shacked up in a tiny ranch style home outside of Blue Ridge, GA. I now wake up to mountain views and gone are the days of rush hour traffic and the sounds of a bustling city.


How did this happen exactly? I’m still not completely sure myself. I suppose it all started when it was time for us to sign another lease and our rent was going to go up $300 dollars more per month. We weren’t too thrilled by that prospect considering we weren’t really invested in our current place and we had several issues that went unfixed. So, we decided it was time to find a new place to live.

The usual anxiety of moving came over me and I began dreading the expense of this move. I began counting up the fees for our new deposit, the inevitable pet fees, and activation fees to set up new amenities. Needless to say, we would be throwing a lot of cash around right before the holidays; not exactly something I was too thrilled about. So one night after dinner, Edward and I were talking about the impending move and how we would make our finances work for the next few months till things settled down when suddenly, Edward got a call from his mother.

She was having a hard day. Edward’s father was having more health issues and she was becoming overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of work and his decline in health. For the millionth time she muttered the words, ” I really wish you would just move up here. You could live in the house we own next door and be here to spend time with your father and I.”

My response was, as always, unequivocally NO. My mother in law had been trying to get us to move next to her since before Edward and I even got engaged. But I would never go for it; there was no way I could leave what I deemed civilization. But that all changed one evening, when we sat down to sign another lease and I looked at Edward and blurted out a slur of words that no one ever expected to hear me say.

“Let’s move into the house next to your parents. We’re moving abroad soon and we won’t be able to see them a lot. Your father’s health is in decline and it would be great if you got to spend time with him before we go. Plus, it would put us in a great financial situation. The move would allow us to add even more to our savings and travel funds.”

If you all could have only seen his face. There was a mixed look of utter shock mixed with fear that maybe I had some sort of head injury. He just stuttered for a second and asked if it was really something I was willing to do. And to my own surprise, I saw no issue with the transition. So, we called his parents, told them the plan, and I spent the night drawing up a game plan for the house’s renovations. Clarification: my in-laws thought it would be a brilliant idea to buy the house right next door to theirs and to one day connect the two of them, however, that never happened, so it sits empty most of the year other than when people come to visit. We are not living in the same house as my in-laws. Many people have had a hard time understanding this.

So, here I am, sitting in a gutted house that’s had no bathroom door for 6 days writing to you and letting you know that hell has officially frozen over. Just kidding. But, in all seriousness, this transition just proves you never really know where life is going to lead you. But on a good note, his parents informed us that the house is now ours, so when we do make that transition abroad, we will be able to leave all of our worldly possessions at the house we now deem home and, even better, we’ll have a home to come back to while we find our new bearings.

I won’t pretend that this move hasn’t been hard on me, I am not a patient person and my husband is not the handy man he promised to be, but that’s a story for another time. Side note: Edward softened the blow with promises of bi- monthly trips away as well as his promise to add a substantial amount more money to our expat fund.

Upcoming trips:

February 11 – 15 //  Chicago

April 2 – 9 // New Orleans

June 11 – 15 // Charleston

August 26 – 30 // Nashville

October (anniversary trip) 4 – 11 // 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise

So that’s my life currently. What are all of you up to? Also, if you have an sightseeing tips for any of our upcoming trips then please share.




Wow! Isn’t it just crazy where life takes us! I’m glad you’re feeling good about the move. It sounds like it really was a good choice for you all!

Vashti Collins

That view! Wow! I have been trying to get someone to go to New Orleans with me so I will have to check out your post if you do when you go. I am moving with my parents until we are done building so I am terrified and happy at the same time. The good thing is you can never get time back with his parents so that is good that you took that into consideration. Cant wait to read more. And why aren’t husbands as handy as they claim to be. LOL.


Exciting! That view is worth it! I always thought I was a city girl until I lived in the middle of nowhere Korea last year and I loved it. You’ll never look back 😉
Laura | collectinglabels.com

Emily of Em Busy Living

Wow, what a huge change! I can totally relate with you on the whole “moving somewhere you didn’t expect to” and on suddenly being okay with being so close to “home” (well, his home.) I’m glad you’re seeing the positives, like how much money you can save, even though I know it’s going to be tough until the next steps. My husband is also in a place where he suddenly wants to be near family (his grandfather has been ill) and I agree that you will never regret being nearby so your husband can have this time with your father-in-law.

Samantha Rose

What an incredible view! And what an unexpected turn of events. Sounds exciting, nonetheless. I’m so jealous of all your upcoming trips…I desperately need to start planning one myself!

Meagan at A Friend Afar

You’ve moved close to my childhood home! I’m from Hiawassee but in Atlanta now. Small town life gets frustrating sometimes, but enjoy all of the nature and great views as much as you can before you go abroad. I wish I’d spent more time hiking when I was in high school. Oh, and also, you’re close to Mercier’s so you can just live off fried pies. My co-blogger Stephanie and I head up there often if you ever want to meet up with some fellow travel bloggers. Love your site!

Tawni Sattler

Ah I love this story! God works in great ways, doesn’t He? We’re currently living in Vienna, which was a move we never saw coming. (This would be an amazing city for you to land in when you do move abroad!) And I’m slightly jealous of your upcoming trips… my husband and I lived in Nashville for a few years and I left a piece of my heart there. If we ever move back to the States, that’s probably where you’ll find us!

Jordan Beck Wagner

Sometimes what you least expect is exactly what you need! I’m excited for this new journey for you!!!

Susannah Brinkley

How great! I know it’s not the move you wanted but it sure looks gorgeous! I know you will make the most of it 🙂 Your upcoming trips sound awesome too!

Hope we can stay in better touch this year! <3

Ashley Tinker

Beautiful blog! Good luck with the house reno. I’m going through the same thing now in Provence, France where we bought a house. It’s not easy! -CuriousProvence

Sarah Attaway

I lived in Charleston for 5 years up until last summer! You will absolutely love your weekend getaway there. Let me know if you need any suggestions on where to eat, what to do, etc.! Good luck with your renovations 🙂

Hannah Johnson

I think I would genuinely go insane living that close to my in laws. I could probably cope with the same town although my mother in law would probably then expect us to go for lunch every Sunday or something like that.

I did look at us moving into the house two along from my Mum when it came up for rent but it was out of our budget (much to my husband’s relief!). We’ve found a nice house anyway and it’s like 10-15 minutes walk from my Mum’s so it’s not too bad. It means we have our space but close enough if we need something.

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